Three Days of Less than Great

Ok... so here comes the dreaded time on my blog when I have to own up for being bad. I haven't had much time to blog the last couple of days, but Let's start with Tuesday.

Tuesday went really well. I sold a ton at work (Almost made my 5 sale goal) and stuck to my diet (mostly). Until the end of the day. Here's my food log for Tuesday:

  1. SlimFast shake
  2. banana
  3. Sonic Chicago Dog (sans peppers), tater tots (ketchup), diet Dr. Pepper
  4. applesauce
  5. carrot sticks
  6. SlimFast shake
  7. pizza!
Had I known that the Hubs was at home making pizza from scratch I wouldn't have had that evening SlimFast shake. I also got pretty much nothing accomplished outside of work that day.

As for Wednesday, I had the day off so I got up early and took Chase (dog) to the park. We walk/jogged our 2 miles and then I went to meet with the Property manager at the apartment complex we're moving into to see the apartment. It was great! Just what we need.

However, I forgot to go to the post office and pick up some mail. And I forgot to renew my driver's license. Luckily I was able to renew my DL online avoiding a trip to the DMV. After the meeting at the apartment I went home and watched a crap load of Skip Beat! (cute so far but lacking a major romance). And did nothing else. I seriously got absolutely nothing accomplished until Shawn got home from work. Then I gave the dog a bath and packed one box. ~.~;

I mostly stuck to the diet yesterday having:\
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. applesauce
  3. SlimFast shake
  4. tagomoyaki
  5. carrots
  6. Chinese Food (I know it had to have been more than 500 cal)
As for today... It's been pitiful. This morning we put the deposit on the apartment so as long as our credit/background check goes well we'll be moving on March 15th. But then I got to work and haven't sold ANYTHING. This is the first time I can say that. It's so depressing. I really wanted to rock today but there's been hardly any in-store traffic and all the people I've talked to were "just looking". The diet has gone ok-ish.
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. applesauce
  3. Burger King (more than 500c ~.~)
  4. banana
  5. cucumber
  6. SlimFast shake

And in all three days I haven't meditated once. I feel awful. I'm honestly surprised it's got me down this badly. I simply have to resolve to accept nothing less than awesome tomorrow! I will be ruthless! Tomorrow I will sell. And I will meditate (I think it would help with my mood).

Until then...


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