Sans Introduction

Needless to say... I am not a writer. I have no journalism degrees or any experience to speak of. This will simply be a place to chronicle ideas and progressions in my life.

Presently I have 3 major goals in mind:
  1. Lose 100lbs
  2. Convert to Buddhism
  3. Make super cute (and healthy) bento lunches.
My life is simple. I sleep, eat, work, repeat. But, in that space I do have plenty of thinking time. For example, today I was thinking on the subject of light and what an interesting phenomenon it is. Simple thoughts catch my interest and carry me away as I try to explain them to myself.

I'm generally rather quiet so this will be my place of sharing.

Anyway so today I had my first real bento lunch in my new bento box (a pretty blue set from ho no ka that I got from J-List). I had white rice, egg tamagoyaki, beef soboro, carrot kinpira, and some pumpernickel bread. I would've taken a picture but I forgot.

This morning I also tried to do a loving-kindness mediation but I struggled a little. I'll try again tomorrow and will hopefully have better results. I'm almost done reading the little beginner's guide to Buddhism I have. has some audio files of lectures and guided meditations. Hopefully I can listen to those and further my knowledge some more.

Also in the plans for tomorrow... the park! I thought about taking Chase to the dog park but I really need to jog a bit and even though he gets plenty of exercise there, I don't get much. We'll do the dog park another day.

So long for now!


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