Still Waiting...

Well yesterday was not as fabulous as it should have been but it wasn't bad either. I stuck to the diet...
  1. SlimFast
  2. banana
  3. bento
  4. applesauce
  5. carrots
  6. SlimFast
...and I did ok at work. I got a bunch of boxes packed and I got some time in with Hubby. Also, seeing as I can't stop myself from thinking of the new apartment and how great it will be (most anything is better than where we are now in the white trash ghetto... the price was right when we moved in but it has long outlived it's usefulness).

So I've been trying to come up with plans to decorate the main rooms. A sort of room by room theme, if you will. The only one so far that has been successfully finished with the Hubs approval has been the living room. So without further ado.... here is my base plan for the living room (items from and

Anyway so that's the plan so far for the living room. Next I'm working on a plan for the kitchen.
I found some adorable things I'd like to incorporate on but nothing the Hubs has approved yet.

So today's goals are:
  1. stick to the diet
  2. make at least 4 sales
  3. get some exercise in
  4. pack more (can only happen if I can get more boxes from work because I ran out of boxes)
  5. finalize a plan for the Kitchen

End of the Month Blues

They're not the blues people sing about. I'm not sad... just anxious. I want to move into the new apartment. I want to get started on a fresh month of sales. I'm totally over February.

So today went well diet wise. Here's the food list:
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. banana
  3. SlimFast shake
  4. apple
  5. Yaki Soba (470cal)
  6. popcorn (butterless; 2 cups)
  7. half of a tamagoyaki (50 cal)
I also had some time to make myself a bento for tomorrow's lunch. Wanna see a picture? Of course you do!

rice, soboro, tamagoyaki, carrot, and cucumber
I still need some practice with my bento-ing. But, I'll hopefully get better.

I finished watching Skip Beat!. The end of the series is such an awful cliff hanger that it makes me angry. I hate it when I'm just getting into the story and suddenly there's no more. i.e. A Song of Fire and Ice (books) by George R.R. Martin. Quite possibly the best books I have ever laid my eyes on. I love them. Problem is... it's an incomplete series and he hasn't published anything else for it in 6 years. A little piece of me died the day I found out I would have to wait to find out whether or not Sandor and Sansa will ever be together.

Anyway I'm kind of tired and still have to get up in the morning and pack some more so I'll set my goals for tomorrow and then say "goodnight".

Tomorrow I'd like to:
  1. Make another bento
  2. pack at least 3 boxes
  3. make at least 5 sales
  4. do laundry
  5. go jogwalking
  6. Give Chase a bath

Three Days of Less than Great

Ok... so here comes the dreaded time on my blog when I have to own up for being bad. I haven't had much time to blog the last couple of days, but Let's start with Tuesday.

Tuesday went really well. I sold a ton at work (Almost made my 5 sale goal) and stuck to my diet (mostly). Until the end of the day. Here's my food log for Tuesday:

  1. SlimFast shake
  2. banana
  3. Sonic Chicago Dog (sans peppers), tater tots (ketchup), diet Dr. Pepper
  4. applesauce
  5. carrot sticks
  6. SlimFast shake
  7. pizza!
Had I known that the Hubs was at home making pizza from scratch I wouldn't have had that evening SlimFast shake. I also got pretty much nothing accomplished outside of work that day.

As for Wednesday, I had the day off so I got up early and took Chase (dog) to the park. We walk/jogged our 2 miles and then I went to meet with the Property manager at the apartment complex we're moving into to see the apartment. It was great! Just what we need.

However, I forgot to go to the post office and pick up some mail. And I forgot to renew my driver's license. Luckily I was able to renew my DL online avoiding a trip to the DMV. After the meeting at the apartment I went home and watched a crap load of Skip Beat! (cute so far but lacking a major romance). And did nothing else. I seriously got absolutely nothing accomplished until Shawn got home from work. Then I gave the dog a bath and packed one box. ~.~;

I mostly stuck to the diet yesterday having:\
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. applesauce
  3. SlimFast shake
  4. tagomoyaki
  5. carrots
  6. Chinese Food (I know it had to have been more than 500 cal)
As for today... It's been pitiful. This morning we put the deposit on the apartment so as long as our credit/background check goes well we'll be moving on March 15th. But then I got to work and haven't sold ANYTHING. This is the first time I can say that. It's so depressing. I really wanted to rock today but there's been hardly any in-store traffic and all the people I've talked to were "just looking". The diet has gone ok-ish.
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. applesauce
  3. Burger King (more than 500c ~.~)
  4. banana
  5. cucumber
  6. SlimFast shake

And in all three days I haven't meditated once. I feel awful. I'm honestly surprised it's got me down this badly. I simply have to resolve to accept nothing less than awesome tomorrow! I will be ruthless! Tomorrow I will sell. And I will meditate (I think it would help with my mood).

Until then...

2/21 Recap

Well I didn't have time to write my recap yesterday so here it is!

I worked most of the day so ther wasn't a ton of time to get stuff done in. However, I did have a pretty good day at work. I'm really getting the hang of sales, I think.

I didn't exercise yesterday other than walking around at work. I do feel bad about that. I also didn't have any good time for meditation. Shawn had the evening off so after work I spent most of the time just hanging out with him.

He bought FIFA 2010 and came home with Little Big Planet 2 for me with the new PS Move controller! The new LBP2 is so fun! I'm loving the cake/lace/victorian/steampunk levels!!! My pod shall resemble this.

If you're reading this and want to play you can add me on the PSN. My screen name is CupcakeBomb.

I also thought it would be a good idea to start keeping track of what I eat each day here on the blog. Seems a convenient place. So yesterday's meals consisted of:
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. applesauce
  3. SlimFast shake
  4. banana
  5. half a patty melt sandwich
  6. weight watchers 100cal ice cream
I don't have any pictures today. Sorry!

Alright well now onto the today list for today:
  1. Go walk/jogging
  2. stick very closely to diet
  3. cook some basics to stock in the freezer for bentos
  4. clean my bathroom/bedroom
  5. do some packing
  6. make at least 5 sales at work

That's it! Talk to you guys later!

A Little More; A Little Less

Ok. So... of all the things I planned to accomplish today here's what actually happened:
  1. Went to the park with Chase (dog) and walked/jogged 2 miles.
  2. Had dinner with Shawn (husband)
  3. Cleaned a little (a very little)
  4. Dyed my hair
  5. bought some groceries
  6. Finished watching Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! (10/10 on the awesome I-Love-Shoujo! Scale)
And the ever present list of things that didn't get done:
  1. Meditation (Really need to work on making this a daily thing)
  2. Cooking (Shawn will be home for dinner tomorrow so I'll have a meal shake for lunch instead of a bento)
  3. More cleaning
  4. Packing for the move
All in all I think it was a good. day. I'm still fawning over Maid-Sama! It was a great story! Now I need to find something just as awesome to watch next. I was thinking maybe Kare Kano.

Here are some pictures from the (moderately) awesome day I had:
Added the blond stripe in the front.

Walking on the nature trail!

IDEA: Glass Bottle Windchimes

I have always loved the idea of hanging tons of colored glass bottles from a nice big tree! They would catch the light, and be generally very pretty (I think anyway but I can't find an example picture so it might be just me). But, if I made each bottle into a sort of mobile they could be musical as well!

The idea would be to
  1. drill two holes in the lip of the bottle to run a string through for hanging
  2. fill bottle with water (tune to whatever note I want)
  3. Cap bottle
  4. Run string through holes
  5. fill holes with silicon to stop the water from evaporating or rainwater getting in.
  6. Hang bottle from the center of a 6 inch rod
  7. on each end of the rod hang a small metal object (like a spoon or an old key)
  8. Then hang the horizontal rod with the three objects from a tree branch that will have an ok amount of movement (nothing too crazy though I don't want the bottle to break)
The idea is that when the wind blows the branch with sway causing to the spoon or what have you to bump into the glass bottle making a lovely chime sound in whatever note I've tuned it to!

Sounds super fun! -files away idea for later-

Sans Introduction

Needless to say... I am not a writer. I have no journalism degrees or any experience to speak of. This will simply be a place to chronicle ideas and progressions in my life.

Presently I have 3 major goals in mind:
  1. Lose 100lbs
  2. Convert to Buddhism
  3. Make super cute (and healthy) bento lunches.
My life is simple. I sleep, eat, work, repeat. But, in that space I do have plenty of thinking time. For example, today I was thinking on the subject of light and what an interesting phenomenon it is. Simple thoughts catch my interest and carry me away as I try to explain them to myself.

I'm generally rather quiet so this will be my place of sharing.

Anyway so today I had my first real bento lunch in my new bento box (a pretty blue set from ho no ka that I got from J-List). I had white rice, egg tamagoyaki, beef soboro, carrot kinpira, and some pumpernickel bread. I would've taken a picture but I forgot.

This morning I also tried to do a loving-kindness mediation but I struggled a little. I'll try again tomorrow and will hopefully have better results. I'm almost done reading the little beginner's guide to Buddhism I have. has some audio files of lectures and guided meditations. Hopefully I can listen to those and further my knowledge some more.

Also in the plans for tomorrow... the park! I thought about taking Chase to the dog park but I really need to jog a bit and even though he gets plenty of exercise there, I don't get much. We'll do the dog park another day.

So long for now!