A Little More; A Little Less

Ok. So... of all the things I planned to accomplish today here's what actually happened:
  1. Went to the park with Chase (dog) and walked/jogged 2 miles.
  2. Had dinner with Shawn (husband)
  3. Cleaned a little (a very little)
  4. Dyed my hair
  5. bought some groceries
  6. Finished watching Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! (10/10 on the awesome I-Love-Shoujo! Scale)
And the ever present list of things that didn't get done:
  1. Meditation (Really need to work on making this a daily thing)
  2. Cooking (Shawn will be home for dinner tomorrow so I'll have a meal shake for lunch instead of a bento)
  3. More cleaning
  4. Packing for the move
All in all I think it was a good. day. I'm still fawning over Maid-Sama! It was a great story! Now I need to find something just as awesome to watch next. I was thinking maybe Kare Kano.

Here are some pictures from the (moderately) awesome day I had:
Added the blond stripe in the front.

Walking on the nature trail!


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