End of the Month Blues

They're not the blues people sing about. I'm not sad... just anxious. I want to move into the new apartment. I want to get started on a fresh month of sales. I'm totally over February.

So today went well diet wise. Here's the food list:
  1. SlimFast shake
  2. banana
  3. SlimFast shake
  4. apple
  5. Yaki Soba (470cal)
  6. popcorn (butterless; 2 cups)
  7. half of a tamagoyaki (50 cal)
I also had some time to make myself a bento for tomorrow's lunch. Wanna see a picture? Of course you do!

rice, soboro, tamagoyaki, carrot, and cucumber
I still need some practice with my bento-ing. But, I'll hopefully get better.

I finished watching Skip Beat!. The end of the series is such an awful cliff hanger that it makes me angry. I hate it when I'm just getting into the story and suddenly there's no more. i.e. A Song of Fire and Ice (books) by George R.R. Martin. Quite possibly the best books I have ever laid my eyes on. I love them. Problem is... it's an incomplete series and he hasn't published anything else for it in 6 years. A little piece of me died the day I found out I would have to wait to find out whether or not Sandor and Sansa will ever be together.

Anyway I'm kind of tired and still have to get up in the morning and pack some more so I'll set my goals for tomorrow and then say "goodnight".

Tomorrow I'd like to:
  1. Make another bento
  2. pack at least 3 boxes
  3. make at least 5 sales
  4. do laundry
  5. go jogwalking
  6. Give Chase a bath


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