IDEA: Glass Bottle Windchimes

I have always loved the idea of hanging tons of colored glass bottles from a nice big tree! They would catch the light, and be generally very pretty (I think anyway but I can't find an example picture so it might be just me). But, if I made each bottle into a sort of mobile they could be musical as well!

The idea would be to
  1. drill two holes in the lip of the bottle to run a string through for hanging
  2. fill bottle with water (tune to whatever note I want)
  3. Cap bottle
  4. Run string through holes
  5. fill holes with silicon to stop the water from evaporating or rainwater getting in.
  6. Hang bottle from the center of a 6 inch rod
  7. on each end of the rod hang a small metal object (like a spoon or an old key)
  8. Then hang the horizontal rod with the three objects from a tree branch that will have an ok amount of movement (nothing too crazy though I don't want the bottle to break)
The idea is that when the wind blows the branch with sway causing to the spoon or what have you to bump into the glass bottle making a lovely chime sound in whatever note I've tuned it to!

Sounds super fun! -files away idea for later-


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