Under the Weather

Ok... so I haven't been up for writing much lately. I think I have some kind of flu. I woke up this morning with a headache that has yet to go away. I slept for most of the day (which of course means I got very little done). So when I woke up again at five (had been in and out of bed all day) I decided that I had to get something done. I called in to work today because I had a fever and spent the morning throwing up but I haven't had any stomach problems since around 1 and my fever broke at around 3. So I've been packing and doing dishes since then (I want to get everything clean for moving).

I haven't really done anything blog-worthy lately (sick isn't a good blogging topic) so instead I wanted to go on Etsy today and pick out five things that I would love to have for the new apartment. But I'm only going to do three. Ready? Here we go...

The Good Kind of Dishes

Maybe it's mostly because I've been doing the wrong kind of dishes for the past hour or so but this tea towel by dearcolleen really speaks to me. I'm major Colin Firth fan and happen to be obsessed with costume drama movies (insert girly flutterings and flailings here). It's absolutely darling (and true) and comes in blue and pink. It's a steal for $15 and will make a lovely addition to my kitchen! (whether to hubs likes it or not! (foot+down)

Tea Time!
Have I ever mentioned my love of Scandinavian style and design? No? I love it! Maybe it's because my family is Norwegian (I'm a third generation American). My grandmother's house used to have all sorts of Scandinavian goodies from her parents and family. And every Christmas we make julekake (Christmas Bread), sandbakkels (molded cookies), and krumkake (crunchy cone-shaped cookies). So tasty! But two weeks before my wedding in 2009 my grandmother's house burnt down and with it a lot of family treasures. But this print reminds me of some of the things she used to have in the kitchen! It's a lovely print by Czech graphic designer Jan Skácelík. It's $15 for a signed print. Hopefully I'll be able to grab one soon.

Dream of Paris
This is a super fun little lamp! When it's turned off you've got a lovely minimalistic picture of a vintage tandem bicycle... but when you turn it on you're suddenly transported to a romantic bike ride with your special someone through the streets of Paris! Well not really but it does display a beautiful image of the Eiffel Tower. The fact that the lamp is great either way just makes it that much better. There are plenty of these dazzling little "hidden message" lamps at the Etsy store Czechpub. And they're all very moderately priced. this little baby will only set you back $38!

Alright! I've done it. I think today was still pretty much a waste but at least I can say I got a little done. Maybe I can motivate myself to pack just one more box before bedtime. after all tomorrow is the one-week-until-moving mark.


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