The Kitchen and Why It Hates Me

I have truly put off doing any planning for our upcoming new kitchen because I get so mixed up and don't know what I want to do! So here are my ideas currently for the kitchen:
I fell in love with these glasses from anthropologie but couldn't imagine having only one. So instead I wanted to get all of them in all their various colors! They're adorable and I think it would liven up the kitchen a bit.
My husband and I both gave a kind of joyful cry/yelp/gasp when we saw this dinnerware collection. I can't help but feel that these plates were meant for us.
I know it may seem overly simple but I adore this drying rack and it's antiquey look and feel. It's light and decorative which is something I look for in most things.
This rug pretty much embodies everything I want my kitchen/dining area to be. It's colorful, serene, elegant, and somehow playful. I must have it.

So the only problem now is for me to decide whether or not all these things can go together harmoniously. As for flatware I had simply planned on looking through antique shops and thrift store for old mismatched pieces of silverware. Should make for an interesting... dun Dun DUN... collection (Sound the alarm! The pack rat is at it again!)

So those are my ideas on that. Until next time...


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