Catching Up

Well I haven't done any updating since Sunday. It's been kind of crazy around here. I'm not sure I'll remember everything but I'll give it a go.

Sunday didn't go as amazingly as I had hoped work wise. I only ended up with 2 sales, didn't pack anything, and didn't get the plan for the kitchen approved. I don't remember what I ate that day.

Monday was not fantastic either. Sales were slow and nothing got packed. Luckily both days I got a bit of exercise in with the help of my PS3. But I feel bad for not having the time to take Chase for his super walks yet this week.

Tuesday I was off from work and so was the hubs! So we decided to have a day of fun! We went to see the movie The King's Speech, it was wonderful! And then we went to an LSU baseball game (but the game was a pretty slow one). On the way home we got Jack in the Box and had a good time.

Today I got no sales and really fell off of the diet. I'm trying to not do much grocery shopping right now because moving day will be fast upon us (the 15th) and I'd rather not have to move all kinds of food. So, we're gonna try to eat what we already have in the house which will mean a week or so without the SlimFast shakes... just well portioned food.

I was also thinking of adding a good metabolic enhancer to my diet and exercise but need to do more research on it. I want to make sure it's healthy (and likely to work) before I buy it.

Tomorrow Shawn and I both have the day off again so we hope to get a lot of stuff packed and ready to go. I have tons of laundry to do (and bag) and I also hope to get all the dishes (minus one or two for us to continue to use) packed.

And about the kitchen plan... I think I'll hold off a little while. I think I might focus on the bedroom first which is going to be quite the arts and crafts project! Look forward to it! (I'll post a plan for it soon)

Well that about catches us up! I'll write more tomorrow!


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