Finds and Farewells

So today was my day off with Shawn. Since we did so much on Tuesday we wanted to take it easy (on our wallet) today. We did get lunch at a local po'boy shop and afterward headed to Goodwill to search around the mixed up and befuddled knick-knacks and kitsch looking for mixed flatware and colored glassware.

I ended up with a pretty good assortment of pieces. All stainless steel, but achieving the desired effect none-the-less.
Forks were surprisingly scarce but knives were plentiful...
They need some cleaning up but they're all in decent condition. The forks I will have to search more for. I'll visit the flea market this weekend to see what I can find.

While searching through assorted junk (with potential) I found an awesome mail organizer!

So lovely!

It's actually plastic!
There were no colored glasses. I honestly couldn't believe it. I remember there always being some cheesy colored glassware. Why is it that as soon as I want it, it's gone. (#notwinning)

Also in the "unwin" category was the fact that I had to pass up and say "farewell" one of the loveliest couches I've seen in a while. (a while being since I was a kid and my grandmother threw out the one she had that was just like it). For a whopping $50 this baby could have been mine (it's a sleeper too!). But the gods of logistics  were not smiling on me today as my poor little VW Beetle-Bug is ill-equipped for transporting large (and small) furniture.

what a beautiful disaster
Again the official diet is presently on hiatus but I didn't do so horribly today. We had po'boys for lunch and stew for dinner (I had carrots and cucumber for breakfast). I'll be back to work tomorrow and hopefully I can make up for the other day of no-sale awfulness. Until then...


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